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Mac-Nels is one of the leading NVOCCs in the world. With regional offices in Asia, Indian sub-continent and Middle East, Mac-Nels is able to provide swift and efficient logistics services worldwide.

Established since 1975, Mac-Nels, being the pioneer NVOCC in Singapore, is a leading name in the freight forwarding industry. Specializing in sea freight, Mac-Nels handles imports and exports LCL, FCL, projects & cross-trade; provide consolidation and deconsolidation services, door to door forwarding, customs clearance & transportation and total logistics services.

Mac-Nels’ agency network comprises of top worldwide NVOCCs and Freight forwarding companies and is boosted by offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, India, U.A.E and Bangladesh.

Besides being ISO-9001 CERTIFIED since 2003, Mac-Nels has been recognized as Singapore’s Top 1000 companies and Singapore’s Top 500 SME since 2004. Mac-Nels keeps itself evolutionary by consistently upgrading our computer systems, allowing updated information available online and eliminating downtime due to time differences. Customers and Agents can be assured of smooth shipping with Mac-Nels as our personnels are committed to provide what you deserve – The Best !


Mac-Nels was the brainchild of 4 good friends. Each letter N,E,L,S representing the family name of the four friends were used to symbolise their friendship. As a further symbolization of the fellowship, MAC was used. Hence, MAC-NELS, a name we are proud of today.

Mac-Nels started business on 18th November 1975 in a small rented office in bustling Chinatown. The synergistic approach of its people and established overseas network has contributed to the success and continuous growth of Mac-Nels.

Mac-Nels now owns a 4-storey building in Tanjong Pagar, serving as its headquarters. Our parent company, Mac-Nels Holdings Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore, has a fully paid-up capital : SG$3 million (=US$2 million).

Personnel Strength

Singapore: 150
Regional offices: 560

Mac-Nels Office Establishments:

Year 1975

  • 18th November: Mac-Nels Singapore (HQ) was established.


Year 1983

  • 31st July: Mac-Nels Port Klang (fully-owned by HQ) was established.


Year 1985

  • 15th October: Mac-Nels Penang (fully-owned by HQ) was established.


Year 1988

  • 16th June: Mac-Nels Bangkok (joint venture) was established.


Year 1989

  • 24th August: Mac-Nels Manila (fully-owned by HQ) was established.
  • 01st October: Mac-Nels Kuching (fully-owned by HQ) was established.
  • 01st October: Mac-Nels Sibu (joint venture) was established.


Year 1991

  • January: Mac-Nels Port Klang bought its own building.


Year 1994

  • 15th May: Mac-Nels Bangkok bought its own shop-houses.


Year 1998

  • 01st June: Mac-Nels Pasir Gudang (fully-owned by HQ) was established.


Year 1999

  • 20th May: Chennai Office official opening (joint venture).
  • 01st August: Mac-Nels Kota Kinabalu (fully-owned by HQ) was established.
  • 17th November: Macoline Shipping Pvt. Ltd was established in Calcutta (joint venture).


Year 2000

  • 17th April: Mac-Nels (BANGLADESH) LIMITED is established.
  • 27th July: Mac-Nels Penang bought its own office unit.


Year 2001

  • 14th Febuary: Mac-Nels Cebu (fully-owned by HQ) was established.
  • 01st April: Mac-Nels Mumbai (joint venture) was established.


Year 2002

  • 31st April: Mac-Nels Kuching bought its own office space.


Year 2003

  • 01st April: Mac-Nels Calcutta (Macnels Container Line Pvt. Ltd) (joint venture) was established.


Year 2004

  • 05th January: Mac-Nels New Delhi (joint venture) was established.
  • 10th August: Mac-Nels Pasir Gudang bought its own building.
  • 13th September: Mac-Nels Davao (fully-owned by HQ) was established.
  • 01st October: Mac-Nels Manila bought its office unit.


Year 2005

  • 07th April: Pt. Macoline Indonesia was established in Jakarta (joint venture).
  • 01st May: Pt. Macoline Indonesia was established in Semarang (joint venture).
  • 01st May: Pt. Macoline Indonesia was established in Surabaya (joint venture).
  • 01st June: Pt. Macoline Indonesia was established in Bali (joint venture).
  • 15th June: Bangalore Office official opening (joint venture).
  • 25th August: Mac-Nels Mumbai bought its own office units.
  • 16th September: Tuticorin Office official opening (joint venture).


Year 2006

  • 04th April: Macnels Brunei was established in Muara (joint venture).


Year 2008

  • 01st June: Chennai Shophouse official opening (joint venture).
  • 28th August: Pt. Macoline Indonesia was established in Medan – Belawan (joint venture).


Year 2010

  • 15th July: MN SHIPPING CO., LTD in Ho Chi Minh is established (joint venture).


Year 2013

  • 01st June: MACNELS CDO INC. started in Cagayan de Oro, City in Philippines (head office owned)


Year 2014

  • 01st July: Macnels Shipping LLC (Joint Venture) was established


Year 2018

  • 02nd Jan: MNCL LINE CO., LTD (Joint Venture) was established
  • 01st Mar: Macoline Freight (Pvt) Ltd (Franchise) was established
  • 01st Apr: MNCL NVOCC CO., LTD (MAC-NELS) (Joint Venture) was established